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Shure Beta91A

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Shure Beta91A


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Shure Beta91A Microphone ideal for recording instruments in the studio.


The Shure Beta 91A is truly an amazing microphone. If you are searching for an ideal augmented-microphone or a single-microphone setup for your kick drum reinforcement or recording, then you will most likely love the Shure Beta 91A. It is perfect for those who are looking for a recording rental, as they can effortlessly rent this microphone. Deemed as one of the best top three microphones, it is suitable for Leslie cabinets, horns, and ambient recordings. The Shure Beta 91A is certainly a great all-purpose microphone that many users agree provides, for the amount of money they had to pay, the best versatility and quality. Description: Maximum SPL: 155dB Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz Low-Profile Design, Perfect for Kick Drum Half-Cardioid Condenser Microphone A large number of sound engineers find the Shure Beta 91A to be an outstanding microphone. It is proven to be an outstanding version after they were introduced to the Beta 91. It is half-cardioid microphone with a perfectly matched frequency response for less-intrusive applications and of course, for kick drum. The Shure Beta 91 works perfectly with a Beta 52 or Heil PR-40 for that extra low-end punch. However, the downside of the Beta 91A is the cable. You would have a mini-XLR cable connecting to it and to an XLR barrel preamp, which would not be bad at all, until the cable starts shorting out. This is a very common occurrence in this type of microphone as well. This means it is a rather fragile item, as the shorts are prone to appear without warning.

Fortunately, Shure has taken plenty of things into consideration before they came out with the latest version, which is the Shure Beta 91A. The Beta 91A has a large number of features that are akin to the previous version - a low profile case, a half-cardioid polar pattern, a tailored frequency response, and an extremely high SPL tolerance. In terms of aesthetic value, they may look similar, but the awkwardly large XLR barrel connector is certainly missing in the newer version.

Shure must have taken previous clients' ideas and comments into consideration, as the XLR connector is now directly embedded in the back of the Shure Beta 91A microphone. That means, you are able to connect it in a very quick and safe way. Many users agree that the Shure Beta 91A carries an excellent sound quality, similar to other Shure microphones. They stated that when the Beta 91A is used on kick drum, it delivers the best sounds and it allows you to tailor the sound however you please, without losing any definition in the upper-mid frequency. People who want to test this microphone will have the ability to rent it for any ambient recording.

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